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A member of the Tribal Kat crew recovered unharmed. The Other Deceased (Maj)

Galicia Visiting Team (Credit: Spanish Navy 2009)

(BRUSSELS2) The Spanish amphibious ship SPS Galicia – which is participating in the Eunavfor Atalanta operation – located during the day of Saturday (September 10) one of the pirate skiffs involved in the attack on the French sailboat (Tribal Kat), the Eunavfor Atalanta HQ clarified in the evening. THE Galicia – which in this case benefited from the support of the French frigate Surcouf – was carrying out a surveillance mission on the Somali coast when he saw (in the afternoon) a suspicious boat. The helicopter was sent to reconnoiter. The skiff was able to be stopped by a shot at the engine. A boarding party also approached.

« In this operation, the pirates opened fire on the Spanish soldiers”, explains the General Staff of the Spanish Navy. They responded. “ In the exchange of fire, the skiff sank quickly ». One of the members of the Tribal Kat crew was able to be recovered safely (this is the couple's wife, Evelyne Colombo). The suspected kidnappers – who were 7 in number – present were disarmed and arrested. However, no one was injured during the operation. And everyone was hoisted aboard the SPS GALICIA while “ investigation continues to establish all facts of the incident “We say at HQ Atalanta.

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Husband dies in Somali pirate attack

On the other hand, for Christian Colombo, the skipper of the Tribal Kat, there is no longer much hope. According to the testimony of his wife, and detailed by Spanish agencies, he is without a doubt died at the time of the attack on the sailboat by the pirates, and his body thrown into the water. The Eunavfor Atalanta HQ, however, denies certain rumors which circulated of his presence in the arrested pirates skiff and of his death during the assault led by the Galicia marines. “ This is totally false an officer told us.

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