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The 7 suspected pirates of the Tribal Kat transferred to French justice?

the image of the skiff pirates taken by helicopter, we see the French hostage alongside his captors (credit: Spanish Navy)

(BRUSSELS2) The seven pirates arrested on Saturday evening by the amphibious ship Galicia off the coast of Somalia have been transferred to the French frigate Surcouf. A transfer carried out, it is specified, on the Spanish side, after agreement from a magistrate. This is the first step towards referral to French justice. To do everything in order, the magistrate on duty at the Audiencia Nacional issued an autonomous order of provisional withdrawal, which allowed this delivery of prisoners to the French authorities. Three of the pirates were delivered after treatment for “ minor injuries caused during the operation to free the French hostages. One of them had an ankle injury, another a finger injury, and the third a superficial wound on the buttocks..

As for the freed hostage, she had already been transferred on Sunday to the French frigate.

The evidence

The Spaniards also handed over to the French authorities the evidence of the research already communicated to the Spanish judge, and the testimonies collected during the interrogations. One of the detainees said that at the time of the intervention there could be another pirate on board the boat. But “no evidence” has been found in this direction, specify the Spaniards. Important evidence for the future

The suspects will now have to be questioned by French investigators. The captain – who has certain judicial police powers – can also do it. But he may also be assisted by police investigators or magistrates. The suspects can then be disembarked and transferred to France. They will undoubtedly be able to plead that they were not among those who attacked the boat and killed C. Colombo. Everything will then be a matter of proof. The Paris prosecutor's office has already opened a preliminary investigation. It is the specialized interregional jurisdiction (Jirs) in the fight against organized crime which is responsible for this.

NB: We can notice that France is rather the dunce of the class for not having yet judged the fifteen suspects from Ponant, Carré d'As and Tanit who have still been at the disposal of the justice system since 2008 and 2009.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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  • France has judgment times which are on average five times the average European time. We have as many magistrates in 2010 as in 1914!

    A magistrate is expensive, a clerk a little less… but it's still too much for our Parliament cqfd!

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