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The Americans are also cutting their defense budget

(BRUSSELS2) The agreement on the American debt obtained through a hard struggle between Republicans and Democrats at the end of July should have significant consequences on the American defense budget. This agreement provides, in fact, a reduction in “security” spending (*) over the next 10 years by $420 billion, including $350 billion coming from the defense budget (i.e. on average $35 billion per year). Or 6% of the annual defense budget (which for 2011 amounts to 529 billion for defense or $688 billion if we include all security expenditure). This revision will take place according to " an audit of the results of our missions, roles and capacities” indicates agreement.

But this amount could amount to $886 billion over the period according to The Cable website of Foreign Policy (generally well informed). Indeed, the debt agreement provides for additional savings of $1.200 trillion; if no agreement is reached by the beginning of 2012, an equivalent budget cut will be obligatory, divided half/half between defense spending and other spending: $600 billion will thus be taken directly from the defense budget (i.e. $534 billion $ in current equivalent).

More information : White House statement

(*) The security budget includes the defense budget, part of the foreign affairs budget, national security or nuclear safety.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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