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European Union blacklists six Libyan ports

(BRUSSELS2) The six Libyan ports of Tripoli, Al Khoms, Brega, Ras Lanuf, Zawia, Zuwara are now on the list of entities whose assets are frozen in the European Union. This decision was approved yesterday (Tuesday June 7) by the ambassadors of the 27, “ given the gravity? of the situation in Libya ". This decision adds to the battery of sanctions targeting both Libyan leaders and companies, sanctions put in place on February 28 and expanded several times since. It comes into force immediately.

As an exception to this rule, a deadline is set at July 15, 2011 for compliance with contracts related to port activities. " The prohibition to put funds, financial assets or economic resources at? the disposal of persons or entities (appearing on the list) insofar as? it applies to the port authorities, does not constitute an obstacle to? the performance, until 15 July 2011, of contracts concluded before the date of entry into force of this decision (NB on 7 June), has? with the exception of contracts relating to oil, gas and refined products. "

Download the text published in the OJ (pdf version)

Objective: restrict the “dictator’s” supply routes

(shift) Measures that “ intended to further restrict the supply routes of the dictator's apparatus of oppression » as the German Foreign Minister declared. A strong supporter of strengthening economic sanctions rather than a military solution, Guido Westerwelle added that “ the international isolation of Colonel Gaddafi and the growing defections in his entourage show that we must continue to intensify the search for a political solution. The dictator has had his day and must finally step down so that the Libyan people can enjoy a better future. »

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