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Latest piracy news (June 19, 2011) (Update)

(BRUSSELS2) The odyssey of the MV Suez not'is to finished!

The PNS Babur (Credit: US Navy, 2004, JO2 Elton Shaw)

Released on June 11 or 13, according to sources, the Egyptian freighter MV Suez is not at the end of his troubles. On June 15, he was attacked again by pirates. They narrowly missed retaking the ship. But the sailors managed to thwart the attack. THE PNS Babur, a Pakistani ship came to his aid. Not without causing a diplomatic incident. The Indian ship, Godavari, who also came (delayed) to the aid of the merchant ship, almost aborted the rescue operation and used " dangerous maneuvers », believe the Pakistanis. The Pakistani ministry is also officially protesting to the Indian embassy in Karachi, citing an infringement of the 1991 Indo-Pakistani agreement. The Indian navy has denied such an intervention. The crew of the Mv Suez is mixed – including 6 Indians and 4 Pakistanis – hence this chase… maritime and diplomatic. After the attack, a team of 9 (Pakistani) marine commandos was placed on board to prepare for any further events. But that's not all. The crew first had to deal with an engine problem which was overcome. But on Saturday, the ship's captain reported that he was running out of oil and would not be able to reach Salalah (Oman) without help. An attempt to resupply on the open sea seemed difficult given the weather conditions. The other solution would be for a tugboat to come to their rescue. PNS Babur offered the crew to come on board if they wished. (Maj) Finally, on Sunday, given the strong winds which threatened to capsize the boat, the ten crew members joined the Pakistani ship. Before leaving, the ship's captain opens the ship's valves to scuttle and sink it. The owner of the ship, Egyptian, did not come to their aid, he explains in the Indian press. Also read: Latest piracy news (June 13)

Sun (June 19) Portuguese and British frigates foil an attack

The Portuguese frigate VASCO DA GAMA – flagship of the EUNAVFOR Atalanta operation, thwarts the attack of a suspicious skiff against the MV EJNAN in the Gulf of Aden. By the time the Vasco da Gama arrived in the area, contact was maintained by radio; which made it possible in particular to give the sailors recommendations for rejecting the attack. The British frigate HMS Richmond also dispatched its helicopter; which stopped the attack. While the Portuguese boarding party closed in and intercepted the 4 pirates. However, due to lack of evidence, they were released. And the material having been used for confiscated piracy.

Sat (June 18) Prison sentences for “cash conveyors”

The six foreigners apprehended on May 24 upon their arrival in Somalia with a large sum of money – $3,6 million undoubtedly intended for the payment of ransoms – were sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison by the court from Mogadishu. The harshest sentence (15 years in prison and $15.000 fine) hits an American and one of the British, the pilots of the planes. Two other Britons and two Kenyans were sentenced to 10 years in prison and $10.000 fines. The money was seized. (also read: Latest piracy news (May 30))

Fri (June 17). 24 pirates handed over to Kenya by Danish Navy

24 suspected pirates held on board the Esbern Snare will be handed over to the Kenyan authorities as quickly as possible. They were arrested on May 12, during the forcible release of an Iranian ship used by the pirates as a mother ship. This is the first prosecution in an African country by Denmark. Two options had been considered, Thomas Winckler, head of the legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told AFP: either a prosecution in Denmark for having shot the Danish soldiers, or a prosecution in Kenya, the place of origin of the shooting. hostages. The first option was, however, abandoned due to lack of evidence; it could not be determined who had shot the Danish soldiers. Also read: The offensive against pirate motherships continues

Thu (June 16). Susan K released after 70 days in captivity

Flying the flag of Antigua & Barbuda, the German ship Susan K is released against a ransom of $5 million. Its crew of 10 sailors (4 Ukrainians and 6 Filipinos) lived 70 days in captivity. He was captured on April 8, 200 miles northeast of Salalah (Oman). It has made its way to a safe port, confirms the HQ of the European anti-piracy operation Atalanta. Also read: Latest piracy news (April 10)

Wed (June 15). 10 years of required against a Somali pirate in Brussels

The Somali pirate suspected of having hijacked the Pompei, a Belgian ship in 2009, Omar Mohammed Abdiwahad and arrested during a failed attempt on the cargo ship, Petra, in November 2010, appeared before the Brussels criminal court. He denies the facts. The prosecutor requested a 10-year prison sentence. Judgment on June 29. Also read: Latest piracy news (May 30)

Wed (June 15). A Dutch tanker for Atalanta

(credit: Dutch Navy)

The Dutch Supply Ship Hr. Ms. Zuiderkruis (A-832), with its 200 crew sailors, will participate in the European anti-piracy mission Eunavfor Atalanta from September to November, Defense Minister Hans Hillen confirms before the Dutch parliament. It's not brand new anymore. But still very useful. It entered service in 1975 (and is due to be retired in 2014).

Wed (June 15). Suspect pirate skiff disarmed and released

(credit: Us Navy/CTF 151)

The American ship, theUSS Leyte Gulf (CG 55), operating on behalf of CTF 151, intercepts a suspicious skiff in the International Corridor (IRTC) of the Gulf of Aden. It had been spotted earlier in the afternoon by a Japanese maritime patrol plane which had detected five people on board, grappling hooks, hooks, ladders and several barrels of gasoline. Equipment that the suspects rushed to throw overboard as the warship approached. The American sailors then ensured that no more equipment was on board and freed their occupants.

Wed (June 15). A mother ship burns … all alone

A fire destroyed the MV Orna, a Panamanian-flagged ship, captured by pirates and converted into a mother ship and forced to evacuate pirates and crew. The origin of the fire is unknown. According to the Associated Press, which interviewed a pirate named Abdi, the fire was caused by an electrical problem in the kitchen. NB: it was one of the last particularly active mother ships that the multinational forces wanted to neutralize. Also read: Latest piracy news (June 5)

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