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Security sector reform in Libya, an “absolute priority”

(BRUSSELS2, exclusive) For Agostino Miozzo, the director of the “Crisis Response” department at the European diplomatic service, it is a certainty. " Security sector reform (in Libya) is the top priority (for the NTC). The reorganization of a security service, a police, an army is vital. » he says in an interview granted exclusively to 'B2'.

The spread of weapons, border control…

Certainly there is no serious incident, for the moment, this could become a problem quickly when the country begins to stabilize. We must also solve the problem of weapons which are everywhere (hundreds), everyone has a Kalashnikov in their hand » he underlines. And this work, we must start it today, prepare for the post-Gaddafi era now and not tomorrow. The loyalist army must immediately become part of the (new) army of Libya. The Libyans tell us: we will have to manage the aftermath. They are ready to reinstate almost all the soldiers, except those responsible for the massacres adds Miozzo.

Another subject: border control. It is " an absolute problem for Libya. But it's also our problem. Helping Libya to control its border helps Europeans, helps the Frontex agency, to fight against illegal immigration. The problem now for Europe is to be able to respond quickly, we must seize this momentum, otherwise it will pass He says.

Work already started

According to our information, this work has already started in the units responsible for planning within the European Union (the CMPD in particular). But it is difficult to go further. To plan an EUBAM (borders) or EUSSR (security reform) mission, important elements are missing. “ You have to know the objective, the framework in which it will take place, etc. A reform of the security sector is part of a set of overall reforms. You don't have to do an operation to do an operation “Underlines an expert on this file. (To go further, cf. the dossier carried out by the ROP, the French-speaking research network for peace).

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