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NATO, guest star, of the next Council of Defense Ministers of the EU (Maj)

(credit: Council of the EU, December 2010)

(BRUSSELS2) It has become a habitual fact. But it is now an institutional fact. The NATO Secretary General will attend the entire meeting of EU Defense Ministers taking place on Monday (23 May). NB: I had initially written that AF Rasmussen would be there. He was replaced by Deputy Secretary General, Claudio Bisogniero, Anders Fogh being taken elsewhere.

It's a novelty. So far, the NATO Secretary General has attended the meeting for the “EU partnerships” part of the meeting. However, no item on the NATO-EU partnership is on the agenda. And for good reason. The improvement of cooperation between the two organizations, on which AF Rasmussen was mandated, NATO side - as Lady Ashton was EU side - still comes up against the question, highly political, Cypriot-Turkish. And the hope of an agreement between the two countries is reduced. And even more and more reduced. " We note rather a stiffening on this question from (the top of) Lisbon notes a senior European diplomat.

The participation of the NATO Secretary General in meetings of EU defense ministers is now almost a given, allowing him to have a direct grip on subjects which are sometimes solely in the domain of the EU. (the training of Somali soldiers, for example) and thus giving pre-eminence to one (military) organization over the other (civilian), an organization of which not all EU countries are members and which includes other countries non-members (United States, Canada, Turkey, Norway).

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