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If the Security Council wishes, EUFOR Libya can start

(BRUSSELS2) In an interview with our colleague Euractiv, the Russian ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, was doubtful about the EU humanitarian support mission (EUFOR Libya), believing that it cannot depend on a green light from the affairs office humanitarian organizations of the UN (OCHA) but of the Security Council. “ I want to make one thing clear: a request by the UN should not be a request by some officials of the UN secretariat or even a request by OCHA. A 'UN request', strictly speaking, is a request from the Security Council. We cannot exclude that the course of events may require such an operation. But in this case, the EU would have to go through its member states, go to the Security Council, and ask for a new resolution, because that would go way beyond what the Security Council has already approved so far. »

If the Security Council so requests...

Questioned at the midday briefing by journalists (including B2), the spokesperson for the High Representative did not want to comment directly on this declaration and denied any slowdown in the operation. “Eufor Libya will be launched when we receive the request from OCHA. “And to add:” For us, the UN and OCHA are the same thing, one is the humanitarian affairs office of the other. (...) If the Security Council decides to request help from our operation, I don't see why we couldn't launch it. For us, it is a request from the UN »

In Libya, the situation is difficult but not hopeless...

As it stands, however, the humanitarian situation in Libya does not appear to require military support, explained the spokesperson for the European Commissioner responsible for humanitarian aid, K. Georgieva. “ What can justify an activation of EUFOR is when there is no longer any humanitarian access to civilians inside Libya is not possible. Today the situation is difficult. But we're not there yet »

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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