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A costly “success” in Bosnia

(BRUSSELS2) In the Balkans everything is often a matter of symbol. And the last visit of the High Representative of the EU to the region did not fail to do so. Catherine Ashton was literally tricked, on May 13, by agreeing to pose, in Banja Luka (the capital of the Bosnian Serbs), with the head of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, in front of the flag of her “republic” (NB: which is the same as Serbia) and the official badge of this entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All attentive observers will have noticed on the official photo the absence of a flag of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina even though officially the Republika Srpska is only one of the entities of this country. Repeatedly for the press conference. Not to mention the map hanging on the wall, putting the disputed enclave of Brcko in its territory (which can be seen in the official report filmed above). Which is certainly a small victory for those among the Bosnian Serbs who demand the secession of Bosnia-Herzegovina and/or the attachment to Serbia. Certainly the High Representative obtained from the Bosnian Serb leader that he renounce the holding of a referendum in exchange for judicial reform. But it’s expensive (very expensive) to pay. Because the creation of a judicial system is one of the foundations of the Dayton agreements. Allowing each entity to have justice is to risk reopening Pandora's box. And above all give the aggressor a privilege superior to the attacked. The Bosnian Serbs can indeed claim victory…

Watch the official video broadcast by EBS

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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  • You have been well briefed by the nostalgics of Paddy Ashdown. CA obtained the withdrawal of the referendum project. It is essential. The photo is a shame, of course, but really, is it serious? And for once she's moving.

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