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The Libyan opposition does not yet have legitimacy for the EU. Explanations…

The High Representative of the EU refused to recognize any legitimacy to the Libyan opposition, in particular to the Libyan National Council. She thus met two opposition leaders who were invited to the European Parliament in Strasbourg (by Guy Verhofstadt and the Liberals and Democrats group).

But, in the opinion of those close to him, this does not mean any recognition. “It’s a contact, to obtain information, as we have with others. We're not sure who represents who. You should be careful ". For the High Representative, recognition of the opposition (or of a State) is not her role. It is " States to take this decision ". A caution which may seem all the more bizarre given that by launching an exploratory mission on the side of Gaddafi and refusing to do the same on the side of the opposition, Cathy Ashton marks a position that is, to say the least, murky and contradictory, while She also says (like several member states) that Gaddafi “must go”.

Beware of a quick scan

This caution is explainable, has just specified a senior European diplomat, who knows the region well. " Benghazi has always been a hotbed of radicalism. The Gaddafi regime has always had difficulty gaining respect in this region. We must remember the Bulgarian nurses accused of having inoculated children with the AIDS virus (false accusation). There were very tough, uncompromising groups in Benghazi who opposed any (liberation) decision. It is not simply to “annoy” Westerners that Gaddafi dragged out this affair. He had problems there in enforcing his decision. We must therefore be very careful in our analysis of what is happening in Benghazi, Sirte, Tripoli or elsewhere. »

NB: article supplemented and remodeled information previously published in a few paragraphs

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