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After Paris, London… A new Summit tries to outline the political future of Libya

(BRUSSELS2) After the “Paris Coalition” which signed a commitment by certain countries to military action in Libya – under the aegis of the United Nations resolution – here is the “London Summit” which should begin this Tuesday ( March 29), a political process in Libya. With, always, the Sarkozy-Cameron couple at the helm.

Around fifty personalities are expected: almost all EU countries are represented by their Minister of Foreign Affairs (with the notable exception of Cyprus) and several Arab countries will be present (United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco , Qatar, Tunisia), and even a representative of the Vatican, as well as Ban Ki Moon (UN), Mohamed Al Khatib (UN special envoy for Libya without forgetting… Lady Ashton (EU) and AF Rasmussen (NATO).

Just before the summit, Sarkozy and Cameron published a joint letter specifying the end of the military action and highlighting the call for a change of regime and for Gaddafi loyalists to leave him, as recognition of the key role of the CNT (national transition council) in the transition process.

NB: We can observe the speed of the allies to initiate the political process, even if the military actions are not over, compared to previous interventions (Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan).

The end of military action: safe population

« It is only when the population is safe, when no threat of attack hangs over them and when the objectives of resolution n°1973 have been achieved, that the military operations will end.. » say the signatories. In the meantime, the coalition's move to action " with the aim of coming to the aid of Benghazi, besieged, and repelling the forces of Gaddafi "allowed that" Hundreds of thousands of people (to be) saved from an announced humanitarian disaster »

The call for regime change

In London " The entire international community will have the opportunity to express its support for the Libyan people in their struggle to bring down a violent dictatorship and create the conditions for them to decide their future.. » And the two French and British leaders called “ all (the) supporters (of Gaddafi to leave him before it is too late ».

A recognized role at the NTC in the transition process

The transition process could organize around the National Transitional Council, whose pioneering role we recognize, the representatives of civil society and all those who would like to participate in the process of transition to democracy underline the British and French. " We urge them to establish a national political dialogue capable of leading to a representative transition process, constitutional reform and the organization of free and fair elections.. » William Hague, the British Secretary of State, has also planned to receive representatives of the CNT today in London.

Download the Sarkozy-Cameron joint letter

The guest list for the London summit (Foreign office website)

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