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5 more pirates will be tried in the Netherlands

Credit: Dutch Ministry of Defense

Five Somali pirates were repatriated to the Netherlands on Sunday to be brought before Dutch justice. The five men, aged between 20 and 30, are accused of attacking a South African yacht, the Choizil, beginning of November. The yacht had been rescued by the European Union's anti-piracy force off the coast of Tanzania: the skipper had been saved but not a South African couple, still in the hands of Somali pirates. The interrogation of the skipper, however, made it possible to obtain information on the suspects. And on two occasions, in the days that followed, on November 19 and 24, the sailors of the Dutch ship Amsterdam arrested suspects, about twenty in total.

Investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor and travel of a judge

The investigation by Royal Marechaussee inspectors on board the ship resulted in specific charges being brought against 5 pirates, the other 15 were released. The charges and release having been pronounced by the Dutch public prosecutor. A judge from the District Court of Rotterdam (competent in maritime matters) even came to Hr. Ms Amsterdam to hear the 5 suspects concerned and extend the pre-trial detention. A KDC-10 from the Royal Air Force landed on Sunday at Eindhoven air base, with the five suspects on board, the Ministry of Defense confirms. They were handed over to the Dutch prison authorities.

This is the second time that pirates have been repatriated to the Netherlands for trial.

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