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11 pirates sentenced in Seychelles

11 pirates come fromêbe sentenced in Seychelles, on November 3, to 6 years in prison, for having attacked a Spanish tuna boat in the spring. Seychelles Supreme Court Judge Mohan Burhan accompanied this judgment with a sentence reduction for the time spent in pre-trial detention (i.e. 8 months). On March 5, 2010, the pirates attacked several Spanish tuna vessels, notably the Intertuna 2 and its auxiliary boat the Artxanda Atunsa, which flew the flag of the archipelago. They were arrested thanks to the intervention of the French frigate Nivose, landed in Djibouti, then transferred by plane to the Seychelles (1). For Major General Buster Howes, Operations Commander of EUNAVFOR Atalanta, “ this is an important step in cooperation between the European Union and Seychelles in the eradication of piracy off the coast of Somalia ". This is the second conviction handed down in the Seychelles archipelago (2).

A real “international” trial

A quick word about the procedure… It was conducted in English. But interpreters were present to ensure the translation of the Somali defendants as well as the witnesses, the Spanish and Italian fishermen and French soldiers. More original! The prosecutions were carried out by the Crown Prosecutor... of England and Scotland who (yes) is qualified to “plead” before the Court of Seychelles (under the British Common Law still in force in this former colony of his Royal Majesty). A prosecutor who played a “ important role in the efficient and rapid management of the trial » we estimate on the European side. As for the defense, it was provided by a “court-appointed” lawyer paid by the United Nations. A common practice to allow suspects, who do not have financial means and are outside the jurisdiction of their country, to benefit from legal representation.

In summary. There may not beêThere is no need to invent an “international tribunal”. With a little will from everyone, we arrive at the mêmy result, so quickly and fairly.

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(2) In concrete terms, the balance sheet published above is therefore modified. It brings to 291 the number of pirates sentenced by the courts of different countries.

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