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The next generation is preparing off Somalia

Rear Admiral Juan Rodriguez Garat (Spanish Navy)

After French Rear Admiral Coindreau (1), who currently commands the EU anti-piracy force (Eunavfor Atalanta) deployed off the coast of Somalia, it will be the turn of a Spaniard to command. The principle is, in fact, a rotation of FHQ (force) commanders on the water every 4 months. His name is known now. This is Rear Admiral Juan Rodriguez Garat, the current commander of the 2nd Spanish Naval Action Group.

Born in 1956, graduated from the Spanish War School, with a specialty in communications, Juan Rodriguez Garat attended the General Staff course in Greenwich (United Kingdom) in 1993 and obtained a master's degree in defense from the University of London.

It was in 1974 that he joined the Armada. As ensign and then lieutenant, he boarded the corvettes “Infanta Elena” (currently serving in Operation Atalanta) and “Diana”, the frigates “Cataluña” and “Andalucía”. Then from April 1990 to November 1991 he commanded the patrol boat “Alsedo”. He was assigned to the NATO Maritime Staff in the Mediterranean (STANAVFORMED) for a year. In 1995, he took over command of the corvette “Diana”.

Promoted to frigate captain, he took command of the new frigate “Álvaro de Bazán”, delivered to the navy in September 2002. In March 2004, he moved to the General Staff as strategic planning and rose to the rank of captain. ship. He then commanded the 31st maritime escort squadron, from July 2005 to July 2007. When he handed over to his colleague Garat Caramé who is not unknown to this blog since he commanded the Atalanta fleet in the first half of 1 .

In January 2008, he took command of the SNMG1, the permanent force of the Atlantic Alliance, until 2009. A group which will patrol the Black Sea, in September 2008, the day after the Russian invasion in Georgia, just to show to this country that we do not forget it and to the Russians that there is no question of going further. But nothing more… (2).

The handover of command will take place on December 14. So not right away. but the final preparations are already taking shape. The Rear Admiral and his team were at Atalanta HQ in Northwood at the end of October for five days of training.

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