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In the east, the armies find the path of cooperation

(BRUSSELS2) The Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian air forces have decided to strengthen their cooperation. A memorandum was signed to this effect during the NATO Days which took place this weekend in Mošnov, near Ostrava, in northern Moravia (1). This cooperation would result in better training of aviators, preparations and joint exercises, so as to lower the cost of training, according to the head of the air forces of the Czech army, Ji?í Verner who spoke to our Czech colleagues. Other areas are concerned: cross-border cooperation, with surveillance of airspace borders or air traffic control, as well as possible savings in logistics. The heads of the air forces of the 4 countries that are members of the Visegrad Group have agreed to meet again at regular intervals, at least every year.

Polish-Hungarian cooperation

Furthermore, in Budapest on Friday, Hungarian Defense Minister Csaba Hende and his Polish counterpart, Bogdan Klich, agreed to coordinate their positions before EU or NATO meetings. And experts from both sides will work to establish cooperation in terms of equipment and weapons. A team of Hungarian experts is heading to Poland soon.

(1) Mosnov is also a major military show, the largest in Central Europe, explain the Czechs. And indeed, more than 180.000 people flocked this weekend – causing some traffic jams on the access road – to admire the different equipment, mainly American, Swedish or British. The 52H bomber was the center of visitors' interest. But also the Harrier aircraft, the F-15 E, JAS-39 Gripen, or a Tornado F3, the Vikcers VC 10... and even an old Hawker Hurricane Mk.1, which 70 years ago took part in the Battle of the Britain.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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