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A PeSDC “justice” mission in the Indian Ocean?

(BRUSSELS2) The European Union is thinking very seriously about setting up a PeSDC (*) mission to assist justice CSDP. This option was put on the table on Tuesday at the COPS meeting, where options were discussed on the prosecution of Somali pirates (1).

This mission could include judges, prosecutors, clerks as well as various equipment and be accompanied by training. The aim is to develop an adequate legal framework in the region and to help establish courts dedicated to piracy. It could therefore be as much a matter of expertise as of assistance in judgments. A bit like the justice department of the “rule of law” mission (EULEX) in Kosovo. This mission would be useful regardless of the solution recommended: Somali court or regional court. And could result, in a longer term (very long term some would say), in a EULEX mission for Somalia

We are, for the moment, at the idea stage. And not at the planning stage at all. But this idea could be taken up and developed on October 7, during the discussions that Cathy Ashton, the High Representative of the EU, will have in South Africa and especially in Mauritius, a meeting in the presence of all regional stakeholders. (2).

This mission would thus complement the military action at sea (EUNAVFOR Atalanta), the training of Somali soldiers on land in Uganda (EUTM Somalia), or even a third mission, envisaged for almost a year now (but still at a standstill). , a maritime mission to train and equip coast guards (3). If these four missions were set up, alongside EU diplomatic missions (new embassies), humanitarian aid, already set up in Somalia, and development aid or within the framework of the ACP agreements , we would thus have, for the first time, the translation into facts of the global approach of the Europeans, so often taken up in speeches but rarely put into practice. A great file for the High Representative who could thus prove to her detractors her ability to lead complex files.

(*) Common European security and defense policy


(1) Piracy: an "off shore" Somali tribunal would be the best option according to the EU
(2) article in preparation, still a little patience 🙂
(3) EU studies mission to support Gulf of Aden Coast Guard

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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