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The multinational anti-piracy coordination (Shade) in a nutshell

(B2) I have received several requests for information on SHADE, this mechanism described during my Visit to the EU anti-piracy HQ (Atalanta) in Northwood. Here are some elements taken from the best sources…

The SHADE (Shared Awareness and Deconfliction) group, led by the Combined Maritime Forces and the European Union Naval Force, is a voluntary international military group created in December 2008, without specific legal status. It is mainly used to “exchange best practices, hold informal discussions and harmonize the activities of countries and organizations involved in military counter-piracy operations in the region. "

Initially, only the Combined Maritime Forces (based in Bahrain), the European Union naval force and NATO participated. However, it grew rapidly, including most of the naval forces of regional countries and other countries acting independently, including those of China, India, Japan, and Russia. The SHADE group meets every month in Bahrain at expert level. Very often, there are more than twenty countries represented around the table, in addition to the leaders of the three coalitions and representatives of the maritime community.

This SHADE group notably contributed to launching coordinated and targeted naval operations off the coast of Somalia and encouraged exchanges of officers and resources between the participants, notably allowing commanders from Singapore and Turkey to work on board American ships. . It has also created the Recommended International Transit Corridor in the Gulf of Aden, approved by the IMO in July 2009, developed a coordination guide for this corridor and significantly strengthened coordination with the maritime community.



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