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Between the EU and NATO it's always difficult, says Saryusz-Wolski

SaryuszWolski2.jpg(BRUSSELS2) (European Parliament, Brussels) The debate in the European Parliament on NATO's strategic concept looked calm on Wednesday. Jamie Sheah and Jean-François Bureau for NATO, one director of political planning, the other assistant to the secretary general in charge of public diplomacy, presented the major issues. We were talking
parliamentarians. And now the head of the EP delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, decided to play the troublemaker and step in. “Yes we have a difficult relationship, very difficult. There's no denying it he clarified. " VSThese are not technical questions. It is a more fundamental problem of political will. Between our two organisations, there are two different political wills, two different philosophies. adds Saryusz-Wolski. “Poland and France are the only member states that want to develop a rapprochement between the two. This is a priority of the Polish presidency. »

The European Parliament is not treated better by NATO than the Iranian parliament

Main reproach of the Polish MEP of the Civic Platform: " We asked the NATO General Secretariat several times to come, but they never came. We would like to see him in plenary, in a large room, in a committee meeting. The European Parliament has drafted a report on NATO (that of Ari Vatanen). Nobody seems to have read it (…). We need closer, non-competitive relationships. Above all, we need political will. But it is lacking. We listen to each other. But we don't get along. There are two monologues instead of a dialogue. (…) The European Parliament is treated at the same level of relations as the Iranian Parliament”

And the MP concludes, the question is: How the CSDP will be taken into account (with the changes of the Lisbon Treaty). We need a NATOisation of European capabilities, but also a EUROPEisation of NATO, a real mental, philosophical change. ".

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)


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  • Apparently there are still some politicians who dare to take up important issues... I didn't believe it anymore...

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