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Usackas (SpeRep Afghanistan) auditioned in Parliament

(photo credit: ©NGV – Usackas upon arrival at the audition)

(B2) The result of a gentleman's agreement between Cathy Ashton, the EU's chief diplomat, and parliamentarians, the new EU Special Representative for Afghanistan, the Lithuanian Usackas (1), was interviewed in late afternoon by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. But behind closed doors…. “ It was a condition put by the Ashton team” a parliamentarian explained to me. Too bad for the transparency. It might have been interesting to attend this hearing. Fortunately, the walls of Parliament are crumbly...

States must send police. Usackas gave a fairly standard presentation. " The EU should focus on the rule of law, governance and developmentt. » he explained. He confirmed that the EU police mission has still not reached the number of 400 people that was set… almost a year ago. “ We're up to about 300 now he acknowledged (2), adding that he had “asked the Council to send more police officers for EUPOL ».

Victory. Usackas said " hope that the counter-insurgency would stall.” But “winning Marjah or Kandahar should not resolve the question of ensuring Afghanistan's long-term sustainability.” “There is a need for alternative livelihoodss but the goal is not to eradicate means of existence ". " The reconciliation process (ongoing) must ensure the willingness of the Tablians to respect the Afghan Constitution” he said.

CIA: not aware. Of course, Usackas was questioned (on several occasions) about CIA flights and detention centers in his country when he was foreign minister (a fact which caused dissension and led, in part, to his resignation as foreign minister). job). I am not aware – he replied in substance – and no one in the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was…

(1) Lithuanian's appointment Usackas in Afghanistan confirmed. 
(2) A little less if I believe the latest information coming from Kabul. A new call for recruitment was launched in February.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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