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Rififi in The Hague around the withdrawal from Afghanistan (update)

(B2) The withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of their campaign promises, the social democrats (PvDA) intend to keep it. The leader of the PvDA, Wouter Bos, thus demanded that the cabinet (restricted council of ministers) – which meets on Friday – definitively end this year the mission of the Dutch military in the Afghan province of Uruzgan. Thus ruining any hope of compromise towards a smooth exit (1). Even if it means provoking a government crisis within the coalition (which also brings together the Christian Democrats of the CDA and the CU… “The question is not if the cabinet will fall but when” comment our colleagues from the daily Volkskrant. If the news were confirmed, it could not have come at a worse time for NATO engaged in a highly publicized offensive to reconquer lost ground in Marjah.

(Saturday February 20) After several hours of negotiation, with no agreement being reached within the coalition, the government imploded on the Afghan question. New elections will be planned which should force a new coalition. But, apart from the Christian Democrats, the other parties (notably the populist PVV and the alternative D66) are opposed to maintaining
of the mission in Afghanistan.

(1) Read: Dutch could stay in Afghanistan for another year

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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