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with the best wishes… from the pirates (shift)

(BRUSSELS2) New Year's Day was a prosperous day for Somali pirates who, in quick succession, in the Arabian Sea and in the Gulf of Aden managed to secure two prizes: two merchant ships, the the first flying the flag of Singapore, the second of Great Britain.

The first – a 20.000 ton chemical tanker, flying the Singaporean flag, the M/V PRAMONI, – was caught in the Gulf of Aden (12 North and 47 East) in the morning, while heading towards Kandla (India). ), with a crew of 24 people on board: 17 Indonesians, 5 Chinese, 1 Nigerian, 1 Vietnamese (1). The ship's captain confirmed via VHF Marine that it had been captured by the pirates and that all crew were OK. The ship took the route south towards Somalia, according to Atalanta HQ (the European anti-piracy operation).

The second vessel captured was in the Arabian Sea (10 North, 61 East). It was a British-flagged bulk carrier, the M/V Asian Glory, which was transporting vehicles. It belongs to the same company (Zodiac maritime agency) as the St James Park captured after Christmas.
Its crew is made up of 25 men (10 Ukrainians, 8 Bulgarians, 5 Indians and 2 Romanians). He is doing well, we told Atalanta HQ (2). The ship was registered at the MSCHOA base and was to transit the secure corridor, where it was expected on January 3.

There are now nearly 322 crew membersin the hands of pirates, including around thirty nationals from the European Union: 2 British (the Chandler couple), 13 Bulgarians, 10 Greeks, 5 Romanians and 1 Pole.

Note that a new Yemeni ship is missing. The Yemeni coast guard announced that they had no news of the “Socotra 1” which left Aden on December 24 with 6 crew members. 


(1) On the morning of 1 January 2010, the Singaporean Flagged M/V PRAMONI, a chemical tanker of 20,000 dead weight tons, was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden. At the time of the attack she was traveling eastbound with a destination of Kandla, India. EU NAVFOR can confirm that the ship has a crew of 24 persons (5 Chinese, 17 Indonesian, 1 Nigerian, 1 Vietnamese). The ship's master reported on VHF that the ship was hijacked and all the crew are well. The ship is presently heading south towards Somalia.

(2) On the late afternoon of 1 January, UK Flagged M/V ASIAN GLORY (a vehicle carrier) owned by ZODIAC Maritime Agency, was
hijacked in the Somali Basin approximately 900 nautical miles north of the Seychelles and 600 miles from the coast of Somalia.
ASIAN GLORY was well outside the normal EU NAVFOR operating area. The ship has a crew of 25 persons (8 Bulgarians, 10 Ukraines, 5 Indians, 2 Romanian) and all are reported to be well. The ship was registered with MSC HOA and was transiting north west towards the International Recommended Transiting Corridor that she was expected to enter 3 Jan.


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