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The Italian aircraft carrier Cavour en route to Haiti

(BRUSSELS2) The Italian Navy will perhaps be the last to arrive in Haiti. But with panache… and what means! This is the aircraft carrier Cavour, flagship of the Italian fleet which was chosen to ensure Italian military aid in an operation called “White Crane”. Commanded by Captain Gianluigi Reversi, the Cavour is currently underway and should arrive off the coast of Haiti in the first days of February. Before arriving, it will make a technical and operational stopover in Brazil to take on board medical personnel from the Brazilian armed forces. It is, in fact, a joint Italian-Brazilian operation. The equipment on board is heavy: engineering, medical, helicopters. Which responds to the request of the UN.


Aircraft CarrierCavour-Ita100125.jpg
The Cavour took to the sea
with heavy equipment on board

On board, in addition to the 550 sailors of the Cavour:
– an engineering task force, with a transmission platoon, a protection force platoon, 15 earthmoving machines (excavators, etc.), 20 dump trucks and 5 mobile cranes, etc.
– a hospital with 2 clinics, 2 operating rooms and
1 recovery room, 8 intensive care beds, an x-ray room, a burn care room, a medical analysis laboratory, a dental care unit, etc. It has a portable hyperbaric chamber capable of “providing the most appropriate therapy for “crash syndromes”.
– 6 helicopters for transport and medical evacuations
– A military police unit and a Carabinieri health unit…

Aircraft CarrierCavourPelleteusHaiti-Ita100125.jpg
In the bowels of the Cavour, engineering machines, trucks and helicopters.

(photo credit: Ministero della Difensa)

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