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(exclusive) Lady Ashton's boys & girls band. His cabinet (maj2)

(BRUSSELS2 / updated Sat. January 30 & February 11) To compose her cabinet, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the EU was spoiled for choice. As soon as he was appointed, several hundred CVs landed on his table.

11 people. Not counting assistants, this office should consist of 11 people. Indeed, after some negotiations – which were not easy – she obtained from the President of the Commission a derogation from the ordinary rule (6 advisors) and the ability to recruit 11 advisors. Which is logical, a consequence of her dual function (vice-president of the Commission and High Representative). Even if the High Representative may have resources within the European administration, this remains relatively few compared to the scope of the functions (Solana had around fifteen people in her office, including, it is true, 2 assistants) . But the President of the Commission, José-Manuel Barroso, only has 12…

A cabinet of quadras. The cabinet is a clever mix between former members of his trade cabinet, former members of the Solana cabinet or the Council and the diplomacy of the Member States, as well as the European Commission. We can already notice that many of them have a diverse background combining a stint in a European institution (Council, Commission, Parliament), in the diplomacy of a Member State (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain), presence on the ground (Balkans, China, UN), even in the private sector. We can also notice that many of them have to their credit either having been to London or having already worked with a British person. And the average age tends to be below forty.

THEoffice architecture is not yet defined. It could be divided between senior advisors and junior advisors. Each of its members should have in their files a geographical attribution and a sectoral attribution; the “ordinary” files of the Commission being shared between all members.

All the names are not yet known or formalized. Here are the main ones according to the information that remains to be confirmed (it should be done this week).

morrison-copy-1James morrison (UK) : chief of staff. British diplomat. He began his career in the Nationality and Immigration Directorate of the Home Office in London but quickly moved, in 1991, to the Foreign Office (FCO) where he worked on humanitarian and war crimes issues. He then spent the next five years at the British Representation of the EU dealing with international trade or aid issues until 1998 (date of the British Presidency of the EU). He returned, in 1999, to the FCO as spokesperson and then became private secretary to two ministers responsible for Europe (in Tony Blair's government). After having been head of the CFSP (common foreign and security policy) department, he returned to Brussels where he was responsible for the “presidency” team during the British presidency of the EU in 2005, also in charge of trade issues. and relations with Asia. After a period at university level at the Ashridge Business School, he returned to the European Commission in 2008, as cabinet member of Catherine Ashton (Commerce).

lutz_guellner.jpgLutz Gullner
(DU): spokesman. 39 years old. He had held the same position at Ashton (Commerce) since March 2009. Background: he worked at the French Ministry of the Environment, in charge of relations with sub-Saharan African countries. He started his career in Brussels as a public affairs consultant, before joining the Commission, first at DG Relex where he was responsible for relations with the EU's neighboring countries to the east (2003-2005), then to DG Trade, where he is responsible for economic relations with Russia. Course: Born in 1971, graduated in political science and international relations from the University of Berlin and Sciences-Po Paris. His wife is Dutch and they have two children.

Bannerman.jpgEdward Bannerman
(UK): Advisor. Member of the Ashton Cabinet (Trade) in charge of transatlantic policy, the WTO, the single market, energy, sovereign wealth funds and intellectual property rights. NB: he could continue to follow “sensitive” files for the British who come to the college.

Pelayo Castro-Zuzuarregui (SP): to advise. After having been administrator in the “International Trade” committee of the European Parliament, he was since 2007 “personal assistant” of the Spanish Prime Minister, Jose-Luis Zapatero. Which could be useful to ensure the link with the Spanish presidency. Other route: assistant to the head correspondent of El Pais in the USA. “Junior Officer” at the economic trade office of the Spanish Embassy in Brussels. Curriculum : Masters degree in European Studies from CCollege of Europe in Bruges (Leonardo da Vinci promotion), Master of Science in Foreign Service and Honors Certificate in International Business Diplomacy from Georgetown University (Washington DC), Degree in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His wife is Dutch and they have a daughter.

EvertsSteven.jpgSteven Everts (NL): “energy – transatlantic relations” advisor (USA, Canada). 39 years old. He was until personal representative of Javier Solana (High Representative) on Energy and foreign policy. Career: special advisor in charge of transatlantic relations (US Canada), the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the G8 and climate change (2005-2008). Researcher at the Center for European Reform in London (1999-2004) and lecturer at Brasenose College, University of Oxford, in charge of international relations (1996-1998). Course: Born in 1970, graduated from British university, doctorate in international law, with a promising thesis title: “Adapation in Foreign Policy. British and French reactions to German unification”. He also studied at the University of Leiden (Netherlands) in political science.

GuittonAlice.jpgAlice Guitton
(ENG): Advisor “Crisis Management – ​​Somalia Piracy”. 32 years old. A French diplomat, she was until now head of the governance mission at the Quai d'Orsay since May 2009. Career: Advisor to the cabinet of Bernard Kouchner in charge of multilateral and strategic affairs issues (UN, piracy, etc.) from 2007 to 2009 (notably during the French presidency of the EU). First Secretary at the French Embassy in London (2005-2007). Editor in the political affairs division of the Quai d'Orsay (2002-2005) after having been in the economic affairs division, in charge of questions from international organizations and the UN (2000-2002). Course: studies in philosophy at the University of Sorbonne Paris IV and economics (1994-1997), political sciences Paris (1997). A graduate of ENA (Averroès class of 1998-2000), she completed her compulsory internships at the Creuse prefecture and at Pernod Ricard. She also interned at the European Court of Auditors (1996) and at the European Commission delegation to the OECD and UNESCO (1995).

HallergardCarl-CabSolana-UE.JPGCarl Hallegard (SWE): advisor “Afghanistan – Pakistan”. Until now in the cabinet of Javier Solana as “Balkans” advisor to the High Representative. Career: after an internship in the office of the Swedish Commissioner, Anita Gradin, he joined the Commission at the Humanitarian Office (ECHO (1996), then moved to the Council secretariat (2000) at the Policy and Planning Unit. of Early Warning (UPPAR) which later became the Political Unit Course: Stockholm Business School, university of political science and philosophy, College of Europe in Bruges (1995).

jennings-michael.jpgMichael Jennings
(UK): private secretary. 34 years old. He was until now “press officer” for Commissioner Ashton (Trade) after having held the same function for Peter Mandelson (since 2007). Career: head of the press service of the EC delegation in China and Mongolia (2005-2007). Head of press and public relations at Bayer China (2002-2005). Born in September 1976. Course: masters of letters and masters in economics and political science (1995-1999) at Trinity College Dublin (1995-1999 and
1999-2001), Baccalaureate (Abitur) in German at the Freiherr-vom-Stein Grammar School in Leverkusen (1995).

anna-kaisa_itkonen.jpgAnna Kaisa Itkonen
(END) : press officer. She held the same position at Olli Rehn (Enlargement Commissioner) and was previously spokesperson for the Commission delegation to Finland. Background: originally from South Karelia, she spent her childhood
à Lappeenranta and Joutseno. Graduated from the High School of Joensuu, she then left to study languages ​​and European law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

MajaKocijancic.gifMaja Kocijancic (SLO): HR spokesperson. She was until now spokesperson for the Slovenian representation in Brussels and notably held this position during the Slovenian presidency of the EU in 2008. She was previously the EU and NATO correspondent journalist for the Slovenian press agency (STA).

Nikolay.jpgRenate Nikolay
(DU): “relations with Parliament” advisor. She held the same position in the firm Ashton (Trade) and was also in the firm of Peter Mandelson (Trade) in charge of food safety issues. She started her career at the German Foreign Ministry.

holm-pedersen_h.jpgHelene-Holm Pedersen (DK): deputy chief of staff, “Balkans” advisor. Former member of the Rehn cabinet (Enlargement) responsible for Bosnia, Kosovo, development and humanitarian aid, consumers and relations with the Council. Career: After working with the High Representative of the International Community (OHR) in Bosnia and Brussels, at the OECD and with the EU Special Representative in Skopje, she joined the Council Secretariat task force in 2002 , under the leadership of the EU Special Representative, Lord Ashdown. Then moved to Rehn's office in 2005.

NB: Catherine Ashton's Military Advisor is the General Hakan Syren (SWE), chairman of the military committee.

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