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Go sailing somewhere else…

(B2) There may be other places to go sailing than in the Indian Ocean off Aden at the moment!

The French sailboat accompanied by the Evertsen RHIBs – credit: UE / EUNAVFOR Atalanta

A French solo sailing enthusiast was nevertheless intercepted on Monday (December 7), in the Gulf of Aden, by theEvertsen, the Dutch frigate of the European anti-piracy fleet EUNAVFOR Atalanta! He had left Aden and intended to reach Madagascar… A walk in the park! -:) Several pleasure sailboats, French (Square ace, Tanit) or British (Lynn Rival), have already been captured in the area in recent months. And two British boaters are still hostage to the pirates. The area is, for the moment, still classified red on the pirate attack scale.

A French officer who was on board theEvertsen (1) was “in contact”. L'Evertsen has also launched its RHIBs to “to accompany" the boat. Having himself participated in the intervention on Tanit, he was “motivated enough” we explain at Atalanta HQ. It is easy to imagine that the dialogue was lively and colorful. The boater tried to argue: he had had all his money stolen in Aden (2), his engine was broken, and he was fully aware of the dangers, etc…

The soldier was more stubborn. The officer thus reminded the boater of the risks of boating and the area and strongly advised him to rethink his route. The boater finally agreed to divert towards Djibouti. As a result, Atalanta officials appealed to boaters for reason: “ don't sail in the danger zone » (3)


  1. The Evertsen is the flagship for a few more days of Operation Atalanta. He headed towards Djibouti to hand over to the Italian ship, Etna, which took over from December 13.
  2. A “local custom” apparently, according to many pleasure sailors who disembarked in the Yemeni port.
  3. The rear admiral who co-directed the operation at the start of the year had already said this, after the capture of the Tanit. Read : CA Labonne: Eunavfor limits risk, not eliminates it.

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