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The 11 pirates arrested on Sunday by the Topaz released

(B2) Eventually the Seychelles authorities decided to release the 11 pirates apprehended during the chase after the ships
presumed to have attacked the tuna boats Drenner and Glenan. “We did not find any weapons or transfers or any other proof that they were involved in piracy“, explained Lieutenant Colonel Rosette, Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard. The suspects were ordered to leave the Exclusive Economic Zone. But the Seychellois claim to be keeping an eye on them. “We maintain surveillance to ensure that they have left the waters and do not return” he assures. The 11 suspects were put back in one of the boats. The Seycheyl residents confiscated one of the skiffs, the other skiff seems to have been lost. The French government has sent a congratulatory message to the Seychelles Coast Guard.

Seychellois coast guards have released, Sunday, 11 persons suspected to have been involved in piracy failing to find evidence they were pirates. “we found no arms or ammunition or any other evidence that they were involved in piracy so we had to let them go. We put them on the ship, but we have kept one skiff while the other skiff seems to have drifted away”, Ltt Col Rosette said.

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