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Transfer of pirates: after the Seychelles, Tanzania or Mauritius?

(BRUSSELS2) EU soldiers and diplomats are exploring all avenues in the Indian Ocean to find safe havens for the pirates they arrest. L'OK which will be signed with the Seychelles cannot, in fact, accommodate many suspects. And, for several weeks, no new pirate transfers have been made, particularly to Kenya, and the pirates have therefore been released. Kenya is plagued by overpopulation, congestion in its courts and discontent among certain magistrates. Attorney General Amos Wako recently estimated, according to the Kenyan press, that partners were not doing enough to assist the country in welcoming pirates. The hearings of 7 pirates arrested by the Spanish frigate, Marks of the Ensenada, last May started with the testimony of an officer of the frigate.

Tanzania. This solution, outlined almost a year ago, has resurfaced. It is seriously being studied, a high-ranking soldier confirmed to us. Commodore Pieter Bindt, who commands the force there, has just had a meeting with several Tanzanian officials, including Deputy Defense Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi, according to Atantala HQ. Dr. Nchimbi affirmed that “theTanzania would take its responsibilities as a member of the UN and work with other nations and organizations to combat piracy ". About
less affirmative from the Tanzanian Chief of Defense, Major General SS Omar, who believes that the " solution to the problem of piracy must be found ashore ».

Another route considered, Mauritius. Several countries (Great Britain, France, United States) have asked Mauritius to welcome piracy suspects, reports the African press agency. They were ready to help the country build a special prison for these prisoners and set up a special court composed of Mauritian and foreign judges with a good command of international maritime laws to judge the pirates.

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