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End of the anti-missile shield: a wise and excellent decision for Sarkozy

(BRUSSELS2) The Swedes are punctual people. The end of the mini-summit in Brussels dedicated to the preparation of the G20 was announced for 22:15 p.m. The schedule was respected. And the press conference was able to start on time. The interest of the traditional meeting between the Head of State and the press is the opportunity to have information and explanations on what has just been decided but also reactions to current events. It was this last aspect that interested me. More particularly on the anti-missile shield asking Nicolas Sarkozy for a comment on the recent american decision. He didn't have to be asked to show all his satisfaction

Excellent decision. " It's an excellent decision from all points of view. And I hope our Russian friends will appreciate it. It's been a long time since I thought that between the United States, Europe and Russia, there is a vast space of security to organize, together. This is an extremely wise decision…” Then added: “ I have always been convinced of the need for a European defense. I fully respect the decision of the Czechs and Poles (to welcome the US anti-missile shield). But I believe that for decisions of this nature, at least, we had to talk about it together."

Let us indeed give credit to the Head of State for not having changed his position on this level, even at a time when this was not always a majority feeling.The Czech Republic and Poland had – by accepting and negotiating solo with the United States – seriously damaged the “solidarity contract” which binds Europeans together, in the search for common solutions, including in matters of foreign policy. and security. And their “lone rider”.

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Photo: © (the excellent) Thierry Monasse

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