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EUMM Georgia dons summer gear: new white vehicles in Gori

(B2) No more French blue Panhards, Bulgarian Mercedes or Polish Dzik khakis... the European Union observers (EUMM) at the Gori Field Office, facing South Ossetia, will be able to sit on board 'only one type of vehicle: Toyota Land Cruisers, armored 4,5 tonnes, painted white. A welcome change in many ways. For the vehicles which, since the start of the mission in October 2008, have already carried out nearly 1810 patrols and traveled 176.000 km, the time has come to rest. But above all, it will facilitate and increase the visibility of the EU mission in the region.

No confusion can be made with other international vehicles. Since the OSCE observers will have packed up by June 30. While the 145 members of the United Nations mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) have had to cease their duties in Abkhazia since June 16 (1). THE
EU observers thus remain alone in the face of the Ossetians, Abkhazians, Russians and Georgians.

This is one of the first times – to my knowledge – that the European Union is the only multinational force (UN, Osce, NATO, etc.) in a position to be able to intervene as an observer or interposition on a European territory. This thus justifies all the debates on the necessary autonomy of the European Union's defense policy.

(1) Russia having vetoed the renewal of the mission at the Security Council on June 15.


(photo credit: EUMM)


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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