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Somali pirates have branches in London?

(B2) According to a military report that our Spanish colleague from Cadena Ser, the pirates would not choose their targets completely at random but would be perfectly informed, having access to the details of the world maritime traffic. A military report written by the Europeans of Atalanta demonstrates this. Of the "well-placed people"in London would brief them on the ships, their routes and their cargo."Information provided voluntarily by vessels transiting through the region for the various international organizations
arrive (thus) in the hands of pirates
". This "piracy intelligence"would have allowed the attempted attack on a Basque tuna boat on March 13, the Felipe Ruano, but also the boarding of the Greek cargo ship"Titan"or of the Turkish Merchant Ship"Black LakeAnother element of the report: the fact that pirates avoid certain flags, in particular the British flag. We can also ask the question: how does this report reach the press today and what interest does it serve at a time when the British seem to be playing a double game: leading Atalanta by lending them the OHQ of Northwood, but at the same time limiting its action - by not making any ship available, by changing its chief and its person in charge of communication during the mission, by providing the minimum information to the press... While continuing to promote a role for NATO in the fight against piracy... Weird, weird...

Summary: According to a military report, the Spanish radio station “Cadena Ser” has revealed today that the pirates are well informed. They don't choose their targets randomly. They receive accurate information directly from London. It is possible that there are some well-placed people, who could inform pirates about ships itineries and cargoes.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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