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Louis Michel: remove some Somalis from anti-terrorist lists

(B2) This is what Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development, proposed, upon his arrival at the donor conference on Somalia, which is meeting today in Brussels. Louis Michel, as a good media veteran, knew that there would be a “ramp” of televisions and microphones that would be extended when the conference arrived. And he did not shy away from his pleasure, answering – for many minutes – to all the questions. In particular, he made certain proposals aimed at stabilizing the country.

“Conditioned” removal from the anti-terrorist list. "Why not make a gesture towards certain Somali personalities, who have political weight in the country, and who are currently on the anti-terrorist lists??” he explained. A withdrawal that would not be free. But would “conditioned on the commitment of these personalities to the strengthening of the Somali rule of law“. But if this can contribute to strengthening the stability of the country, “we must make a gesture”. “We absolutely must help the current Somali government. This government exists, is meeting, is in Mogasdishu – which is no small thing –, has a certain credibility in the country and above all a desire to move forward”. “There were about fifteen attempts before (all of which failed)” he added. "There is a momentum today that we cannot miss."

Financial commitment. The Commissioner also confirmed the willingness of the European Commission to respond positively to the call from Somalia and the United Nations. “The European Commission remains the main donor of aid to Somalia. We will contribute between 60 and 80 million euros, and 16 million for the security forces. A sum to which should be added the 40 to 50 million euros contribution for humanitarian aid”.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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