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The US “Patriot” will be well established in Poland, R. Gates promises it

(B2) On the sidelines of the informal meeting of NATO Defense Ministers, in Krakow, on February 19 and 20 (which I attended, hence the relative absence...), Poles and Americans discussed their mutual collaboration . And in particular the installation of part of the US anti-missile shield in Poland. The new American administration still “needs time”, replied Robert Gates, the American Secretary of Defense, referring to the “ context " relationships " with NATO allies (…) and Russia ". " We are determined to do more to convince the Russians to be our partners in this matter. “Because the Iranian threat, “ purpose of this shield » is still present, he explained. But what concerned the Poles more than the installation of the anti-missile shield was the respect by the Americans of the commitments they had made in return for this acceptance. A crucial point in particular for the government of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who has never been wildly enthusiastic about the anti-missile shield and had made the installation of the Patriots a sine qua non condition of his commitment. The negotiations had lasted a long time on this point, a duration criticized in particular harshly by the opposition of the PiS (law and justice) of the Kaczynski brothers. Robert Gates therefore wanted to fully reassure his Polish counterpart: It is “ Yes “he assures. " The United States has not changed its opinion regarding this deployment ". " Discussions are progressing smoothly. (But) this decision is applicable regardless of the anti-missile shield we explain on the American side. " A next meeting of the Polish-American strategic cooperation group should therefore be held before the Alliance summit in early April "Said


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