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An English Lord in the service of the “Reds”, for love or interest?

(B2)It's a story the British love, mixing love and more or less close relations with the old USSR. Peter Truscott, member of the House of Lords, and former European deputy (from 1994 to 1999), former deputy minister of energy, allegedly had secret links with the Soviet Union, according to a Sunday tabloid, Mail On Sunday. Considered an expert on European security strategy and Russia, he had been vice-president of the European Parliament's defense subcommittee, and foreign policy coordinator for Labor in Strasbourg. He also appeared regularly as a political analyst on the BBC or CNN and published several works: “Russia First” (1997), “European Defense meeting the strategic challenge” (2000), and above all a very flattering work for Vladimir Putin (“Putin's Progress”, 2004). His rise - say the reporters - he owes it mainly to his wife, Svetlana, whom he met in the spring of 1991, getting off the plane in Leningrad (St Petersburg). It was “love at first sight” and the wedding took place a few weeks later, on August 1, 1991. Did he know that the beauty's father was a colonel and responsible for training regular troops as well as special troops, and close Russian services as the newspaper suggests. Secret relationships are rather suggested by the diary than solidly substantiated. Lord Prescott is said to have often defended the Russian point of view against criticism
in energy affairs or after the conflict in Georgia. More troubling, he was a consultant for Gavin Anderson, a man who worked for Gazprom (and still works, notably for the merger with the Serbian gas company) and is reputed to be close to Vladimir Putin. He is also involved in a corruption affair revealed by the Sunday Times – which indicated that four Labor MPs had agreed to receive money to defend an amendment (in fact a reporter for the newspaper, cf. BBC report)… to be continued


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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