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Pirates, prefer the more harmless Danish or German ships...

The Danes free the pirates

In quick succession, it was learned, the Danish navy's Absalon – which participates in the American anti-terrorism coalition CTF 150 – arrested pirates in the Gulf of Aden, once a mother ship and its “ girl” and the other time another boat. The soldiers discovered several AK47 and M-75 rifles and 1 rocket launcher with four grenades. The weapons were confiscated. The people on board the boat suspected of being pirates were only checked and recorded, then released! Denmark not having the possibility of arresting and judging pirates on the open sea…

The Germans, in legal limbo

German ships participating in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) are faced with a problem of “legal uncertainty” as the Bundeswehr explains. The OEF legal framework does not allow targeted attacks against German hackers in advance. Ships can only intervene in extreme emergencies or if soldiers from another ship come across pirates. But they cannot actively pursue pirates or position themselves to intercept pirates in advance. The arrest and prosecution of pirates under German law in such a case is only possible by the federal police, not the navy, within the framework of jurisdictional regulation laws. “A legal clarification – by law and/or through international law and a parliamentary mandate – (would be) useful” underlines the German army.


NB: The German navy is present with a P3C Orion type aircraft and a frigate must be sent at the end of the year. At the beginning of 2009, Germany will take command of CTF 150 currently held by the Danes. On November 12, they took over from their crew of the Absalon, with members of the sister ship Esbern Snare coming to take over from them.

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