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The Eumm Georgia mission will reorganize its “field office”

(B2)The system of the EU observation mission in Georgia set up at the beginning of October, with its four “Field Offices” – two near Abkhazia (Poti, Zugdidi), one near Ossetia ( Gori),
the other near Tbilisi (Bazaleti) – will be organized. Poti’s “Field Office” will be abolished. And a new post will be created near Ossetia (Khashuri), making it possible to cover the western zone
of Ossetia. Likewise, the RRC rapid reaction capacity made up of 20 people will be moved to Khashuri. And the Bazaleti Field Office will be moved to Mtskheta, between Gori and Tbilisi, near the highway, which will facilitate the speed of deployment.

Current locations of EUMM Georgia

A reorganization necessary for two reasons: the withdrawal of the Russians from the security zones around Abkhazia and Ossetia changed the situation. “We therefore have to get closer to the administrative limit,” a mission manager told me. And winter is coming. We must therefore reorganize the forces... Near Abkhazia, with the end of the Russian occupation in the security zone, the Poti post is now a little out of the way from Zugdidi, “we can go very quickly anywhere in the area". Conversely, around South Ossetia, the area to be controlled is larger and less easily accessible. The geographical location, particularly steep in the north (you climb quickly over 1000 – 2000 m), makes the roads more difficult to access, even in normal times. Already today it takes almost four hours to go up from Gori to Perevi. So when the snow is here...


December 1 update: official press release from the EUMM

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