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The “Karlsruhe”, between two NATO and EU missions, against 2 attacks

(B2)The “Karlsruhe”, a “class 22” frigate of the 4th Wilhelmshaven squadron, of the German navy, which joined Egypt as part of its mission for the Permanent NATO Maritime Group, SNMG2, has countered – in quick succession – two direct pirate attacks on an Ethiopian merchant ship andinet.

The Trafalgar that was attacked by pirates

First intervention, on November 17 afternoon, the Karlsruhe received a radio call from the Andinet, an Ethiopian merchant ship Andinet, which was in the maritime transit zone on the return from Doha (Qatar) to Safaga (Egypt, Red Sea) , about 650 kilometers northeast of Djibouti in the Gulf of Aden and almost 50 kilometers south of the Yemeni coast. The ship was under attack by two motorboats. The Karlruhe immediately took off one of its Sea Lynx helicopters, which apparently was enough. And the merchant ship was able to continue its route to Djibouti.

New radio call, on November 18, this time coming from a British oil tanker, the Trafalgar, attacked by eight to nine fast boats. Here again, Karlsruhe sent its helicopters. The attackers did not wait and fled when he arrived.

Photo credit: 2008 Bundeswehr / Fregatte KARLSRUHE

Change of flag

The Karlsruhe left Germany on August 24 to join the permanent NATO grouping (SNMG2) and carried out a series of visits to the ports of the Persian Gulf for it.

After a stay in Egypt to resupply, it will come under European command as part of the EU anti-piracy operation “Atalanta” thanks to a “mandate” given by the Bundestag (the chamber of deputies) .

However, German ships are encountering certain legal difficulties in the fight against piracy (read: Pirates, prefer the more harmless Danish or German ships...)


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