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… and the “Courbet” continues its merchant ship escorts

The “Sea Horse”. Photo credit: Sirpa Marine / DICOD

(B2)One of the French ships present off the coast of Somalia, the Courbet, has been providing escort for merchant marine boats for a month and a half. The system operates according to the appointment system, in close liaison with the European coordination unit EU Navco. This in fact ensures the interface between European shipowners (boats can fly another flag) and the French command of the maritime zone of the Indian Ocean (ALINDIEN) which validates any request (and always has the possibility of refusing ).

Two slots per month. The “Royale” carries out two support missions for two slots per month. Present since the start of the operation, the Courbet thus completed, at the end of October, the accompaniment of the Sea horse, a Belgian hourglass under the Dutch flag, announced the French navy. And on the return transit to Bab el Mandeb – the strait which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden – it accompanies the New Century, ship under the flag of the Marshall Islands. This will be the fourth escort of the Courbet, after the accompaniments of the ships “Yangtze River“, under German arms, then “the Intrepid ” flying the Maltese flag.

NB: in addition to the nationality of the flag, it is generally boats with sensitive contents or those most likely to be attacked which benefit from priority support. The slower a ship is and the lower its flotation level, the greater the risk (this was the case for the See Horse).


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