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The Bapex 2008 exercise scenario

(B2)In a few days theFrench and European air base projection and deployment exercise, with the aim in particular of ensuring the evacuation of nationals. Let's take a look at its storyline: “Alphaland is an unstable country, ruled by a weak and corrupt government. Its main resources come from agriculture and raw materials exploited by foreign companies. The population is generally poor and does not benefit from the income from these resources distributed to a small number of civil servants. Additionally, several thousand European citizens live in the country.

An earthquake occurred a few days ago in the Reims region and the Alphaland government is unable to cope with all the consequences of the disaster. Faced with destroyed infrastructure, disrupted communication lines, and growing health and security problems, the Alphand government is appealing for international aid. The two neighboring countries, Bravoland and Charlyland, are unable to provide the necessary aid to Alphaland. The European Union (EU) decides to set up a deployable air base (DOB) on the Vouziers-Séchault aeronautical platform to carry out a “non-combatant evacuation” operation from the disaster region to the capital (Lille) .

Additional complication: “Alphaland is the victim of crimes organized by local groups. The NRBC threat weighs on civilian industrial sites. And the EU is also asked to provide aid to NGOs in order to facilitate their action with the Alphaland victims.

You can read the entire scenario, as well as the history, geography of Alphaland, and risk assessment on the Bapex exercise website, in French, en anglais.


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