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The European Parliament not very happy not to have been consulted

(B2)The European Parliament is not happy about not having been consulted beforehand on the launch of a military operation off the coast of Somalia. He should recall this on Thursday by adopting a resolution (Project here). He thus invites “urges the Council to inform Parliament of the scope of this action and of the exact mission of the 'European Union Coordination Cell“of the Council in support of the ESDP maritime mission”.

Clearly distinguish the missions

Parliament also asks the Council “to establish a clear distinction between the future mandate of the ESDP and the counter-piracy missions carried out by its Member States within the framework of Operation Enduring Freedom in the Horn of Africa, intended to thwart the activities terrorists"And"to avoid involving EU NAVCO in the ongoing conflict in Somalia“. Parliament also asks “effective coordination with other ships, particularly American and Russian, in the region".

Legal details

The resolution considers it necessary “clear guidelines for the detention and prosecution of captured pirates“. She invites “urges the Commission to ensure that the legal instruments of the International Maritime Organization relating to the fight against piracy and armed robbery are reviewed and updated as soon as possible"And"to encourage coastal States to ratify the 2005 protocol to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation" (on the law applicable to piracy).


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