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Gender equality: Giscard takes his wishes for realities

(NGV) In my holiday reading, I came across theJune 26 Express where Valéry Giscard d'Estaing had a little rant about the Lisbon Treaty, the No Irish and equality between men and women. “ …this treaty responds to many of their (Irish) demands” – comments the former president of the European Convention.

And he details. " Thus, it defines the competences of the Union and what it must not deal with. An example: there is a text being prepared in Brussels on gender equality, even though this concerns not the Union, but the Member States! With the Treaty, this will no longer be possible. Europe must only deal with subjects for which each of our countries is too small. International trade, currency, competition, major environmental problems, the defense of the European continent, this is for Europe. The rest, no! We also need a guardian of the system: it will be the President of the Council, who will rule out proposals outside the competence of the Union. It's essential. »

Beautiful lyrical flight… But his “excellence” is (almost) completely wrong. Firstly, the Lisbon Treaty does not provide for gender equality to go beyond the scope of Community competence (The Ex-President of the Republic takes his wishes as realities… And that is not really what was asked for the Irish elsewhere). Secondly, unless there is something new, there is no text currently under consideration “in Brussels”. Thirdly, the Treaty does not give the future president of Europe the task of removing certain community subjects from the field of competence...


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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