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Predicting future operations: the “concepts” of the General Staff

(B2) Several military concepts have just been updated by the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) and approved by the EU Military Committee (the supreme military body of the EU). Classic work, carried out regularly, which deserves attention… in 2008, more than ever. While some documents are very technical, others are indeed more strategic, particularly those concerning “military planning” and “force generation”.

A story of concepts

These " concepts » were developed by the EU General Staff from 2000 and especially after the military operation in Congo in 2003. Some have just been updated in June 2008 (see *): military planning at the political and strategic (September 25, 2001*), force generation (September 26, 2002*), military rapid reaction (January 24, 2003), strategic transport and movements (February 16, 2006*), framework nation (July 25, 2002), global planning (3 November 2005), support to the host State during crisis management operations (June 15, 2006), logistical support (*), reception, storage, transfer and RSOM&I integration (September 20, 2006 *), Battlegroups – tactical groups (October 5, 2006), medical and health support (July 2007), maritime rapid reaction (November 15, 2007), air rapid reaction (December 21, 2007), military information (February 2008), military control and command (June 16, 2008) , geospatial information (*). Work to update these concepts must continue throughout 2008.

Three possible areas for future action

If new European troop commitments are not scheduled, new areas are monitored very closely, according to our information, by the General Staff, in terms of crisis anticipation: Middle East (in particular if a between Palestine and Israel), Iraq (if the American troops disengage), in the ex-Soviet zone (Abkhazia-Georgia for example; if a Russian relaxation occurs) and Africa, the area of ​​operation "natural" of the EU and where many conflicts are underlying.


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