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General Camporini (Italy) sounds the alarm: our military expenditure is at a minimum!

(B2) Military spending in Italy is not sufficient, according to the Italian Chief of Staff, General Vincenzo Camporini, which raises a cry of alarm reported by the Italian daily (conservative) Corriere Della Serra. "

The situation, which has been critical for years, risks getting worse”. As the Minister (of Defense) indicated, Ignatius the Russian, a rate of “1,25% would be suitable”. (Gold) We are not arriving not at least 1%  and with the 2009 budget we will go further down.” Ironically, Camporini cites Douglas MacArthur, the American general who, after the surrender of Japan, stressed that military spending by the Empire of the Rising Sun should not exceed 1% of gross domestic product (GDP), the minimum threshold for defensive capabilities. .

Another problem, for Camporini:“We dedicate 70% of our resources to pay for (staff) salaries, whereas in theory, the distribution should be 50% for personnel and 50 for exercises and investments. What remains does not allow us to equip ourselves with the necessary means and to properly prepare the men.”

With resources too “editions“, we must therefore identify “our priorities” indicates the general who highlights: the development of unmanned aircraft (Uav) “useful for recognition”, control of the seas “essential not only to counter illegal immigration but also to guarantee trade and prevent arms trafficking”, Lynx-type land vehicles and helicopters “on which the mobility desired by NATO depends”.

The general also points to the weak engagement in research. “By spending 59 million euros per year we are non-existent, here France spends 700 million euros”. And he highlights the necessary change in mentality implied by the computerization of units. “Technology and the distribution of information force us to rethink hierarchy. Commanders will have to agree to allow lower levels a certain autonomy of decision-making”. If the "digitizing” units is in progress, it will be necessary “still 6-7 years to have an operational brigade” according to him.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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