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EUFOR Chad. A very political mission but also a logistical challenge

(BRUXELLES2, exclusive to N'Djamena andCampAbecheEufor155a Abéché) As a preview, I was able to spend a week in the camps of the European armies deployed in Chad. An everyday life shared with the various soldiers engaged in the field allows us to grasp the full extent of the operation in progress. Interviews as open as the “confidential defense” allows.

If the Eufor Tchad RCA mission has often been presented by its designers as a logistical challenge, this word is weak. It is a real tour de force that the soldiers engaged in the field, in difficult climatic and politically unstable conditions achieve every day. Make no mistake about it.

This operation — like that of the Eulex mission in Kosovo — are missions on a new scale for the European Union. If they succeed, Defense Europe will no longer be the same tomorrow. If they fail, we won't be talking about Defense Europe for years. Everyone in the field, as in the staffs or the diplomats are well aware of this. This even explains – it is specified – all the difficulty with which the mission was confronted and is still confronted today.

Even if doctrinal concepts exist and have been firmly established, it is certain that — in a certain way, as for the internal market — it is by walking, by evolving in a pragmatic way, that Europe is made step by step . The good old, pragmatic method, which has proved its worth for 50 years, finds a new field of employment.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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Complete file - For those who want a complete overview, here is a small file concocted with the editorial staff of Europolitique, with my April report (PDF version). To download here

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