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European security. The three great challenges of Javier Solana

(B2 – archives) Speaking at the Annual Conference of the EU Institute for Security Studies, Javier Solana estimated, on November 22 in Paris, that the Union must address three major challenges in the global context of today which is not “ more dangerous " than 20 years ago but certainly " more complex ».

First challenge: Support multilateralism. " We have no choice: without respected rules of law, it's a jungle he said, taking the Iranian problem as an example. " Apart from an agreement concluded with Russia, relating to a single nuclear power plant, Iran has not signed any other agreement and has taken no steps towards the construction of the fifteen nuclear power plants necessary for the ambition energy it displays (20.000 Mw). Clearly, Iran is trying to enrich uranium ". But " only a multilateral solution can help get out of this crisis ". And it is the EU that is best placed to make concrete proposals ».

Second: Act abroad on the basis of specifically European interests. “ Solidarity is not just the consideration of particular interests; it is also a matter of general interest ". Javier Solana thus called for defining “ precisely » the interests of the Union vis-à-vis Russia, particularly on Kosovo and the energy relationship.

Third: Projecting the system of European values ​​to the rest of the world. " Assuming and projecting our values ​​while remaining aware of the existence of otherness, here is the key “, explained Javier Solana. Those are " these same values ​​that govern the efforts deployed in our military and civilian operations, in Ituri or Bosnia yesterday, in Chad or Kosovo tomorrow ».

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

article published in Europolitique on 26 November 2007

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