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Our parties have never had Europe as a vision (Michel Rocard)

(B2 Archive) The former Prime Minister, MEP for almost ten years, chairman of the culture committee, is a candidate for a third term, the “power mandate” as he calls it.

RocardMichelIn the European Parliament, in Brussels as in Strasbourg, the former Prime Minister is undoubtedly one of the rare French political leaders who has remained faithful to the controls of the European ship. Sarkozy and Madelin have been gone for ages... Gone are Hollande and Hue. Europe demands loyalty and self-sacrifice, work behind the scenes and diving into texts that put off more than one person. All for an honor that is not very visible, at least in terms of political fallout. Michel Rocard doesn't care about that!

Volatile French people

A European deputy since 1994, in turn president of the development committee, then of that of employment and today, of culture, he takes a half-mocking, half-disillusioned look at the narrow-mindedness of his compatriots. “ The strategies of our different parties have never had Europe as a vision ". They did not understand that here we do technique, that we must be able to lastthe third term is the power term -, than the high turnover rate of the French » makes this presence less effective. Other countries, however, have understood this better. “ Among the British, for example, who are more there to sabotage European construction, you cannot have a career without passing through [Brussels] "

Going beyond national issues

Because there are battles and who go beyond national issues ". If Michel Rocard's best memories go back to the time when he chaired the development commission with the creation of a crisis prevention center - now canceled for budgetary reasons - and the renewal of the Cotonou agreements « no one cared, so we had a lot of freedom and were able to get things done "-, he is no less proud of his last battle. That on the patentability of software.

A Homeric battle: the patentability of software

« When I started I didn't know anything about it, I ended up knowing enough. The fight lasted several weeks ". The issue was not minor. The question was to what extent software could be patented. “ We ended up winning by a nice majority, more than 200 votes apart. on the most liberal. Corn " the fight is not over ". The second reading of this project must take place under the new Parliament. And Rocard hopes to be part of this battle.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde
Published in France-Soir, April 2004

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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