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Three questions for Jonathan Todd, spokesperson for European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein, responsible for the Internal Market

Does the Commission want to limit gambling bonuses?

No way. Quite the contrary. We proposed this regulation two years ago to combat all the obstacles and prohibitions that prevent sales promotion at European level. And also to ensure consumer protection, in particular to better inform them. For example, the actual or estimated chances of winning the corresponding prize should be able to be indicated in the commercial communication. There has therefore never been any question of limiting in any way the prizes or bonuses that citizens can receive by participating in games.

So you are not entirely satisfied with this proposal?

Effectively. We find it scandalous that the national lotteries are trying to turn this proposition for their own commercial advantage, trying to somehow maintain a monopoly on large prizes. The European Commission is resolutely opposed to what looks very much like a scuttling and will do everything in its power to oppose it.

That is to say… how are you going to do it?

It will be up to ministers to decide. But as you undoubtedly know, in the area of ​​the internal market, it is the European Commission which has received from the Member States the power to make proposals for regulations and directives. Likewise, any modification of such a text must receive our approval. As it stands, we are not prepared to accept this change. Member States can only override our approval unanimously. However, it seems that this proposal does not receive this unanimity. Far from there…

Interview by Nicolas Gros-Verheyde.

Published in France-Soir, May 2003

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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