Generalized fawning in Washington. Donald, the Alliance’s Little father

(B2) During the last 48 hours, in Washington, the Foreign Ministers of the Atlantic Alliance member States gathered around the same message: NATO is a wonderful instrument, the Atlantic Alliance is necessary, and thanks to the impetus of Donald Trump, we made a big leap forward…

Jens Stoltenberg and Donald Trump strongly shaking hands (credit: US – White House)

Thanks to Donald, what a journey!

This last point is not pure fawning. This is to demonstrate to the current host of the White House that the efforts of the Allies to increase their defense spending and to reach the goal of 2% of GDP is mainly due to his action, and not to that of its predecessor, Barack Obama. It must be forgotten that the Democrat, an enemy of D. Trump, is the one who initiated or supported the new policy adopted at the summit of Wales, with, as a result, a ‘stop’ to lower defense budgets and a calendar for their increase.

The trace of Obama, carefully erased

True to this tactic, Alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg carefully erased from his speech (in front of the US Congress) any reference to Barack Obama, and even to the summit of Wales, in order to pay tribute only to the current president: “NATO Allies must spend more on defence. This has been the clear message from President Trump. And this message is having a real impact.” (1).

The fear of a slammed door

This attention has a concrete purpose: to avoid having Donald’s agitated finger skidding towards his tweeter account to release a flurry of insults or negative remarks on the one or the other. Everyone remembers some painful moments from the last Alliance summit, in July in Brussels, where the former businessman, who became president, had caused turmoil and astonishment in this assembly which is used to be more civilized (2). At the time, the fear of seeing him slamming the door, or even denouncing the Treaty of the Atlantic Alliance, was so real that the organization’s lawyers had been urgently summoned to rummage through the original text of the Treaty – and other international provisions – to see what the exact conditions of a USexit were…

Effective fawning

This threat seems to be remote today, thanks to this general effort to fawn the US president. The Secretary General “has a good political sense. He pays tribute to Donald Trump’s work,” says a diplomat in the alliance. ” It has been effective. This empire os signs extinguished the threat of a NATO exit. “

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

(1) It looks like being at the time of the Soviet Union great days, when any reference to the former leader used to be erased…
(2) Read about the Brussels Summit:

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