Towards a new EU mission in the Central African Republic. First step

(B2) Thursday (21 November) the 28 European member states adopted the Crisis Management Concept (CMC) for the launch of the civilian advisory mission to the security forces of the Central African Republic. Its name : EUAM RCA

The security of towns and rural areas could be done by the reconstituted forces of gendarmerie and police – a patrol of Sangaris in Bangui in 2016 (credit : SIRPA/EMA)

The mission’s role will be to support the reform of the internal security forces. Practically, this will involve advice to the Ministry of the Interior, the police and gendarmerie to « help them deploy forces throughout the country ».

One step in a slow process

With the adoption of this crisis management concept, the European Union is taking a step forward, but the implementation of the mission is going slowly. The 28 had given their political green light last July already (to read: Les 28 vont donner le feu vert à une nouvelle mission de la PSDC en Centrafrique). It took four months for the Member States’ experts to translate it into an official document. The actual launch of the mission itself is not expected until… the end of 2021.

The need to provide CAR with a civilian law enforcement force

France had been pushing hard towards a new civilian law enforcement force since the beginning of the crisis in the country. After a period of pacification-stabilisation (with the EUFOR CAR force) and a restructuring-training period of the armed forces (with the EUMAM mission and EUTM CAR), the need to complement this military effort with an effort towards the Central African police and gendarmerie that could be deployed in the regions in particular quickly emerged. The needs are important. Much of the unrest in the Central African Republic is more a result of armed gangs and crime than of structured armed forces.

The Member States’ reluctance to take on a mission dedicated to internal security

Several EU Member States were reluctant to take on this new mission. Thus, an « interoperability pillar » was first set up within the EUTM CAR military mission at the end of 2018. It resulted in a semi-failure, as only a few countries agreed to send forces (France aside). The idea of a specific mission dedicated to the internal security forces therefore came up again. But, again, not agreed upon without hesitation. This newly created mission is therefore not a complete training mission as it was expected, but rather a strategic advisory mission (EUAM), prelude to the other one.

(Leonor Hubaut, with NGV)

For more details, read : La future mission civile de conseil EUAM RCA. Le concept de gestion de crises décortiqué (FR)

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